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Umbauwagenkomposition hinter einer BR 23

#1 von mfslater , 06.08.2012 11:28

Liebe Kollegen/Kolleginnen

Entschuldigen Sie die Frage in englischer Sprache - es geht um die richtige Bildung einer Umbauwagenkomposition (aus Maerklin 58XX Wagen bestehend).

I am trying to put together a rake of coaches to go behind a Wyko live-steam BR 23.

Several illustrations (pp 38, 41 and 42) in a BR 23 special issue of German periodical Eisenbahn JOURNAL in 1982 show BR 23s at the head of short rakes of 6-wheeled Umbauwagen coaches in the mid-1970s.
Since these coaches had been produced by Maerklin in 1/32 scale, I looked around the Internet auction sites and soon had 5 of them.

So far, so good, but Wikipedia flags a warning:

The electrical system on the 3yg(e) coaches only permitted close-coupled pairs to be formed, albeit any combination was allowed apart from BD3yg + BD3yg. The permitted combinations were: AB + AB, AB + B, B + B, AB + BD, B + BD. The only requirement was that the close-coupled ends had to face one another. So the six-wheeled Umbauwagen coaches always ran in pairs.)

Maerklin 5810 (1st/2nd class) are ABs (I have 2)
Maerklin 5809 (2nd class) are Bs (I have 2)
Maerklin 5811 (2nd class coach with luggage compartment) is a BD (I have 1).

So, I still need another 5809 (B coach) or a 5810 (AB coach).

My questions are as follows:

1) What was a typical sequence of paired Umbauwagen behind a BR 23?
2) The lavatory compartment windows are frosted - do they go on any particular side of the rake?
3) Which are the "close-coupled ends" of the coaches that have to face each other?

I realise that the last 2 questions may be solved by the answer to question 1.

Careful study of the illustrations in the special issue referred to are inconclusive, showing lavatory compartments on the same side or both sides of the rakes. Some rakes also include 3-axle coaches of another (older birdcage) type.

Can anyone assist with this true rail enthusiast (or nerdy) question? Responses in German are also absolutely acceptable - please do not feel put off by a need to reply in English.

Kollegiale Grüsse

Martin F. Slater
Luzern, Schweiz

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RE: Umbauwagenkomposition hinter einer BR 23

#2 von W. Schönberger , 06.08.2012 20:26

Hello Martin Slater,

I prefer to answer in german.

1. Ich denke, es gibt keine TYPISCHE Reihenfolge, speziell auch nicht für die Baureihe 23.

Habe ebenfalls 6 Wagen 3yg, 1xBD, 3x BB, 2x AB

Bei einem 6-Wagenzug sieht das so aus: DB / BB--- BA / AB---BB / BB
Bei einem 4-Wagenzug so: DB / BB---BA / BB

2. ?? denke, aber, das Pack-Abteil ist an einem Ende des Zuges

3. die fixen Paare können beliebig gekuppelt werden

Also, wird noch ein 5809 benötigt,, und der Zug ist perfekt.

von Spur-1er zu Spur-1ern, W. Schönberger

W. Schönberger  
W. Schönberger
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